Heidelberg Project- Saving People and Neighborhoods Through Art

house covered with records heidelberg project detroitA house covered with long playing records.tree hung with junk heidelberg projectA tree hung with all kinds of colorful junk

pink buried car heidelberg projectA pink car buried in the grass with a tree growing out of its roof

door in the tree heidelberg projectA little door in the roots of a tree.

house covered with stuffed animals heidelberg projectThose are just a few of the interesting pieces of art you’ll see if you visit the Heidelberg Project in Detroit. sidewalk art heidelberg project detroitLocated in a neighborhood that used to be a haven for drug dealers, gang violence and crime it now draws hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. 

with paul and shirley at the heidelberg projectOn Sunday we took a bike tour of public art in Detroit with my brother-in-law Paul and sister-in-law Shirley.  One of our first stops was the Heidelberg Project. 


The Heidelberg Project was the brainchild of Tyree Guyton who has an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts and was awarded a one year residency to study art in Basil, Switzerland last year. oven stuffed with shoes heidelberg project detroitAccording to his web site he is an urban environmental artist who has waged a personal war on urban blight on Detroit’s East Side, transforming his neighborhood into a living indoor/outdoor art gallery. furniture sculpture heidelberg project detroitThrough his art, Guyton has drawn attention to the plight of Detroit’s forgotten neighborhoodslife without art is stupid heidelberg project detroit and spurred discussion and action. The sign on this TV says, “Life Without Art is Stupid.”noah's ark heidelberg project detroitThe Heidelberg initiative runs an art education program for third grade students in metro Detroit schools. They showcase emerging artists

mosaic in the grass heidelberg project detroitand work on art projects with young adults ages 18-35 using art as a catalyst to bring about change in their lives.house covered with recycled things heidelberg project detroitThe art pieces are all made with recycled materials.

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