Hot Wives and Christian Leaders

I was once associated with a religious institution where a frequent speaker at our worship events liked to refer to his hot wife and how he counted her sexual allure as one of God’s blessings. This troubled me and I should have spoken to him about it but I never had the courage.

His predilection to celebrate his wife’s sexual appeal especially disturbed me because there were always young men and women in his audience. They were hearing a man who had been placed in a leadership/mentoring role in a Christian institution consistently extol his wife’s sexual attractiveness. I seldom, if ever, heard him express appreciation for his partner’s intelligence, talent, co-parenting skills, or loyalty. He left the impression in my mind at least, that it was primarily her physical beauty that made her a divine blessing.

I thought the man whose comments troubled me was a singular phenomenon so I was surprised to learn in a blog post by Sara Wenger Shenk, the president of  the Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, that the practice of continually commenting on a sexually  attractive partner is according to an article from Christianity Today which Sara quotes, “an obsession among evangelical pastors/leaders who talk /tweet endlessly about their smokin hot wives—an obsession that has spread throughout American Christian culture.”

In her blog post, Sara admits that perhaps Christians have been too uptight about sexuality in the past and have something to learn from The Song of Solomon about holy sexual intimacy, but she suggests that pastors who make frequent reference to their marriage partner as “one more product to parade for her hotness” are practising nothing less than “preacher-endorsed pornography.”

I am glad Sara and other men and women are speaking up about this issue. I wish I would have had the courage to do so as well. 

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