You Can Eat Beet Leaves! Who Knew?

fresh beets farmer's marketI bought these fresh out of the garden beets at the Farmers Market last week to make a beet salad when my cousins came for dinner. I tried to re-create a beet salad I’d had at the Peasant Cookery.

Before I cooked the beets I had to chop off the leaves and they looked so fresh and colorful I thought it was a shame to just throw them away. I knew my Grandma Peters had made soup with beet leaves but I decided to Google ‘eating beet leaves’ to see if there was anything else you could do with them. beet leaves

Turns out you can eat them. Who knew?  I tore them apart and mixed them in with my other salad greens. I sliced the beets on individual plates, added the greens and topped with crumbled goat cheese and sunflower seeds. Served it all with a black truffle garlic olive oil and a baslamic vinagrette.  My cousins gave it a big thumbs up but I was so busy visiting with them I forgot to take a photo of the final product. You’ll just have to use your imagination. 

PS. Found out later  beets are loaded with Vitamins A and C and lots of calcium and iron too. I put the leaves I didn’t use in the fridge and they kept nicely for a couple more days while I continued using them in our daily salads. 

PPS. Here’s a photo of me with my cousins when I visited them in Taiwan in the good old days when we all a bit younger and lived in Asia instead of and tawain cousins

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