What Are People Saying?

“Great news! No holding him back now!”, said Sandy when she saw the post about my husband Dave being able to give up his crutches. 

Kelly read my post about Camp Amache, the facility where thousands of Japanese Americans were sent during World War II.  Kelly said her whole family, including her grandmother were confined there. Kelly has visited the actual site and has some of the gaman art I wrote about in my post An American Nightmare.

Lori said my mother had been a pillar of the community in Steinbach and she was so sorry to hear of her death after she read my post God of Eve and God of Mary

After reading my post about the MS Walk Caryn said……….

Lovely post MaryLou! So glad this is becoming an annual event for our family to be together, share memories and most importantly continue to have Connie in our lives!

Millie said my post Safe and Inclusive Schools was beyond timely not to mention beautifully written. 

Many people told me they had gone to the Winnipeg Art Gallery, to see Forty Part Motet after I wrote a post about it.

I received many expressions of sympathy after I posted my Mom’s obituary. 

I was pleased the Mayor of Steinbach Chris Goertzen said he liked my Alphabet for Steinbach post.

After Bill saw my post about a walk at Louise Lake he commented, “You Canadians sure know how to live.”

The photos for our fortieth wedding anniversary elicited many responses. 

Priscilla said…..” Mr. Driedger looks just like David Spade.

John wished us a Happy Anniversary in Chinese.  婚姻四十周年快樂!

Kirsten said, “I was nine at your wedding and was mesmerized by how grown up you were. Now I realize you were only 19. Congratulations. 

Heather said, “Congratulations to two of my favorite people in the whole world.”

Cathy wished us many more happy years. 

A big thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this blog!

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What Are People Saying– September 2012

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