The Crutches Are Gone

dave and jeff herzogMy friend Susan just posted this picture on Facebook today and it reminded me that I haven’t announced the great news that my husband Dave has been able to give up his crutches. He had hip surgery on May 21st and ever since then he’s been getting around on two crutches, including during our trip to Colorado where he posed for this photo with his friend Jeff high in the Rocky Mountains. 

the crutchLast Tuesday the doctor said he could get rid of the crutches and for now he’s using a walking stick he borrowed from our friends Rudy and Sue, but is hoping in a few days he won’t need that either. He’s started coming with me to the gym to bike and use the elliptical trainer and weight machines. He’s also driving the car again which is definitely something he missed. It took a bit of adjusting for him to get used to being the navigator and sitting in the passenger seat.

dave at the fringe
Of course he didn’t let his crutches stop him from doing too much. Our friend Les took this picture of him at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival where he worked as a volunteer and saw nearly twenty plays.  He went miniature golfing, attended Goldeyes baseball games, went to movies, played horseshoes, made a trip to Denver, went out to the family cottage and attended a wedding reception.

dave says good-bye to his crutches

The crutches had become a part of him and went wherever he did for two months. They garnered him a fair bit of attention and some preferential treatment, but I think both he and I are happy to say good-bye to them. 

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