Visiting the Colorado History Museum- A to Z

 Denver A-Z Colorado MuseumThe Colorado History Museum uses the alphabet to inform visitors about  its capital city, Denver. 
big blue bear colorado museumB is for Big Blue Bear.  There is a sculpture of a big blue bear outside of Colorado’s Convention Centre. The bear is just one example of the more than 150 pieces of public art that have been installed in Denver since 1988 thanks to a special financial incentive offered by the city. cow town display colorado history musuemC is for Cow Town.  There seems to be some controversy as to whether Cow Town is still a desirable nickname for Denver but the city does have strong cowboy roots. In the past stockyards packed with cattle stretched far and wide. In 1898 when the Stock Growers Association Board of Governors had their annual meeting in Denver they hosted a barbecue and beer event that drew 300,000 people. Police had to be called in to manage the rowdy crowd. Greeters in the Denver airport wear cowboy hats and the Denver Art Museum grounds have been graced by a huge sculpture of a Scottish Angus cow and her calf by Don Ostermiller since 2003. IMG_6164

M is for Microbrewery.  Colorado has over a hundred of them.  We visited two during our time in Colorado. I wrote about one in Visit to a Colorado Microbrewery and the Barry Manilow Concert That Wasn’t. 


one and only red rocks O is for one and only. The Red Rocks amphitheatre in Denver claims to be the one and only naturally occurring acoustically perfect outdoor theatre in the world. I saw Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie give a concert there in 1971.IMG_6168

T is Triceratops. Denver is fossil rich. A triceratops was found not far from the city center in 1879. There’s even a Triceratops Trail to hike!variety of celebrations denver

V is for variety of celebrations. From May to August Denver has a Greek Festival, Irish Festival, Gay Rodeo, Black Arts Festival, Comic Convention, Chalk Art Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mexican Festival, State Fair, Pride Fest, Highland Games, Country Music Festival, Arts Festival, Rock Music Festival, Underground Music Festival and Renaissance Festival. 

If you want to find out about the rest of the Denver ABC’s you’ll have to visit the Colorado History Museum yourself. I’ve been thinking about what kinds of things I’d select if I were to put together an ABC’s of Winnipeg where I live. What would you include in the city where you live?

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