ICS Reunion in Colorado- Part 4- The Wedding Reception

Finally it was time for the event that had brought us to Denver. The wedding reception of John and Cath. Here they are front and center with the whole gang of former and current ICS teachers who showed up for the festivities. The groom’s sister-in-law had done the decorating of the church hall and it was so thoughtful and interesting. There are three globes here. The one on the right with a heart on New Zealand which was the home of the bride, the one on the left with a heart on Denver, which was the home of the groom, and they are attached with ribbon to the globe above with a heart on Hong Kong where the bride Cath and the groom Jon met, work and will live.  The W stands for their last name and the American and New Zealand flags are nestled in pink roses. Dave with Jeff who is now a teacher in North Carolina. He and Dave played together on the ICS Orange, the staff basketball team when we lived in Hong Kong. Here’s Jeff with his whole family. Jonah who was born in Hong Kong, Ezekiel and Micah and Susan who was a kindergarten teacher at ICS. Dave chats with Janet and Melanie, two former elementary school teachers we worked with at ICS. Janet is now a teacher in Saudi Arabia and Melanie lives in Alabama. Dave and our former colleague Bryan get ready to enjoy the Western barbecue buffet. Bryan is still at ICS serving as the middle school principal.Since both the bride and groom have traveled a lot their wedding cards were collected in an old suitcase with a mirror nestled in the lid. Beautiful bouquets like the one in the pitcher to the left were all over the room. 

meyer familyWe worked with Chris at ICS where he is still the art teacher and had many dinners out in Hong Kong and travel adventures with him. We also got to know his wife Keiko in Hong Kong but met their son Kaili for the very first time at this ICS reunion. He’s a sweetie and I had lots of fun playing with him. The bridal gown Cath had worn at her New Zealand wedding was on display and there were notebooks where we could write messages for Jon and Cath to read on their first, fifth and tenth wedding anniversaries. Dave with the groom Jon. There were lots of samples of the wedding program for us to look at. It was decorated with illustrations by Cath’s grade one students. Dave chats with the bride’s Dad who had traveled all the way from New Zealand for the reception to surprise his daughter. It was great to visit with former colleagues Susan and Janet. In honor of the bride’s New Zealand home we had pavlova for dessert. Cath, the bride entertains us with a story about her and Jon’s courtship. Janet and Jack check out the book of wedding photos taken by Chris at the wedding in New Zealand. Dave visits with Dana a former middle school teacher at ICS who just moved home to the states. We were happy to get to know her boyfriend Justin. Rebekah and Jen former ICS teachers who now live in Minneapolis and Omaha respectively, catch up on what’s been happening in their lives. dave ics guysDave loved catching up with some of his Hong Kong buddies. ics gang weddingThe wedding provided a wonderful opportunity to reunite with old friends and teaching colleagues. I wonder who will plan a wedding for next summer that just might bring another group of us together again?

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