Visit to a Colorado Microbrewery and the Barry Manilow Concert That Wasn’t

IMG_6118On our drive from the YMCA Snow Mountain resort to Denver, we stopped in Boulder to have supper on the sunny patio of a microbrewery with some of our Hong Kong friends.  

boulder beer brewery and pub menuThe menu was interesting and we ordered a variety of sandwiches and sides. 

IMG_6123The guys decided to share a brewery sampler. guys at boulder beerIt offered small portions of the fifteen kinds of beer the microbrewery carried. marylou at boulder beer

I never drink beer but our friend Mike read the descriptions of the beer and one had banana and cloves in the ingredients so I figured it was worth a try and I liked it!sweaty betty

It was called Sweaty Betty. microbrewery boulder beer

At a microbrewery you can watch them making beer and see the various machines that are used in the process. funkiphino at boulder beer

There was a great band entertaining called Funkiphino. They did lots of covers but also some of their own music. rainbow at red rocks

We had tickets to a Barry Manilow concert at the famous outdoor amphitheatre Red Rocks for eight o’clock in the evening. As we drove up to the site a beautiful rainbow seemed a harbinger of good luck. parking at red rocks amphitheatre

But as we parked the car the first raindrops started to fall and then the downpour started. Lightening forked  across the sky and the wind began to pick up. entry to red rocks amphitheatre

After waiting in the car for quite some time for the rain to stop we finally braved the elements and went into the theatre. beatles at red rocks

The guys decided to explore the venue before the concert despite the bad weather but I took refuge in the Red Rocks museum that had posters of all the music groups who have entertained at Red Rocks in the past including The Beatles. red rocks concerts 1972

I had been to Red Rocks once before in 1972 when I was in college and was leading a service experience for teens. The museum had plaques for each year Red Rocks has been a concert venue and all the concerts for each year are listed. I found the 1972 plaque. The Pete Seeger/Arlo Guthrie show I had attended on July 1, 1972 was there.  The 1972 list had lots of music greats like Sonny and Cher, John Denver, The Carpenters, Neal Diamond and Joan Baez. 

red rocks amphitheatre denverThe concert was delayed till there would be a break in the weather and we  waited inside and outside till 10 o’clock still hopeful the concert would go on. red rocks at night denver

At 10 o clock we made our way to our seats along with about half the initial crowd, other die hards like us who were determined to see a concert. They started to set up the stage, but the wind was vicious and lights swayed, drums blew away and lightning illuminated the sky. We huddled under blankets our friend and former ICS colleague Emily who lives in Denver had rocks amphitheatre at night

Finally at 10:30 they said unfortunately the concert would have to be cancelled. We were disappointed but also wet and cold and I at least was ready to head to our hotel.  This proved to be another adventure since the storm had caused a power outage in the area of the city where our hotel was located and they refused to check us in for safety reasons. Luckily the power went back on just as we were about to leave the hotel parking lot and we were able to head for bed after a long day. 

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