Hong Kong Frogs That Sound Like Cows Bellowing

I loved the creatures of Hong Kong and one, in particular, intrigued me- a frog that sounded like a cow bellowing. One night when I was out at a Hong Kong camp with my students I recorded the sound. Click here to hear my recording of the Asiatic Painted Frog. 

The Asiatic Painted Frog – photo by Thomas Brown- Wiki Commons

In an article in the South China Morning Post called Counting on the Frog Chorus Kang Lei Wang says the sounds intensify during the mating season because the male frogs are using their vocal cords to compete for females. Apparently the deeper their croak the more they are attractive to female frogs because a deep croak means they are healthy and fit.  Sometimes the sound of the frog bellowing is amplified and echos if the frogs are in underground drains. 

I miss the bellowing frogs of Hong Kong!

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