Don’t Despair! Spring is on It’s Way!

IMG_5763Yesterday I spotted these two lonely Canada geese on the playground of an elementary school I was visiting. As you can see from the snowman and hockey net in the background it is still winter here in Winnipeg even though the calendar says it’s the middle of April. 

canada geese on school playground in winnipegAs I walked by the playground I met a little girl about six years old in a pink parka, plaid ski pants, furry white hat and big boots. She was on her way to school with her Mom. They were late and her Mom kept urging her to hurry but she couldn’t take her eyes off those Canada geese and was chattering away providing a running commentary about everything they were doing. “Do you see the geese?” she asked me eagerly. “They are trying to peck through the ice with their beaks to get grass to eat.”

canada geese on iceWe entered the school through different doors but I met her a few minutes later in the hallway outside her classroom. She was taking off her outdoor clothes and when she saw me she whispered,  “Do you want to know a secret?” I nodded. She continued on her voice now live with excitement, her eyes wide and dancing. “Do you know what Canada geese mean?” she asked. “No. I don’t,” I said. “They’re a sign of spring!” she declared. “We saw the geese so we know spring is coming.” 

So there you have it! Don’t despair! Spring is coming to Winnipeg. A little girl told me. 

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