This morning Dave and I attended Hope Mennonite Church. We heard the children’s story The Quiltmaker’s Journey. The tale of a woman who makes a risky journey outside her safe, home community to share her gift of quilting with people who need it; fit in well with the sermon based on Philippians 2, which encouraged us to empty ourselves by pursuing our passions, caring for others even if it might seem risky, and obeying God by sharing our love. 

In the afternoon we went to see the play Halo written by Josh MacDonald. It was directed by a former colleague of ours Ray Cloutier and starred Alayna Fender, the daughter of our friends.  Alayna gave an excellent performance. She made us cry and laugh. The play is about families, faith and the nature of miracles. Set primarily in a Tim Hortons in Nova Scotia it had a little romance, a little comedy, a little music and some thought-provoking scenes.  

Dave is watching NCAA basketball and the Jets game tonight, while I work on writing projects. We are hoping for a Skype date with our grandson. Dave has made us mini-pizzas for supper. Looking forward to watching the Good Wife later tonight. Tomorrow I’ve got a workshop at the art gallery and in the evening I’ll attend the Dialogue series sponsored by the Manitoba Writers Guild with Dianne Warren and Joan Thomas. 

It’s been a nice Sunday. 

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