Family Visit

hiking silly mountain arizonaMy sister-in-law Shirley and brother-in-law Paul who live in Leamington, Ontario were visiting us here in Arizona for five days last week. hiking with dave We got lots of exercise. One day Shirley and I walked to the grocery store and back together, over 13 kilometers and another day Paul and Shirley and I made a one way walking journey to the store but Dave picked us up for the return trip.chatting with fellow hikers on silly mountain We went hiking on Silly Mountain. Here Paul and Shirley chat with some fellow Canadians we met on the mountain trails.golfing at sidewinder The guys golfed four times and Shirley and I joined them for two of the rounds at the Mountain Brook and Sidewinder courses. I was pretty pleased with some of my shots but didn’t hold a candle to Shirley who was just whacking the ball and beat the guys on quite a few holessidewinder golf course On one hole it was hard to concentrate as we teed off because of all the yelping going on. We looked up to see a pack of six coyotes run away through the cacti. They were probably giving chase to one of the many rabbits on the course. happy hour on our arizona patio Every evening we had happy hour out on the patio behind our house, which gets the warm sun starting at about two o’clock in the afternoon.  Check out Shirley’s fashionable hat. paul's hatSince Paul refused to wear his cool hat I told him I was going to steal it from him. saguaro's at sunsetThere is a row of saguaros on Dinosaur Mountain behind our house that take on a rustic orange glow every evening as the sun sets. euchre gamesEvery evening in between happy hour and supper we played a best of three games euchre tournament with the men against the women. Even though I was a euchre novice, Shirley and I managed to win a third of the games. Paul did accuse us of having too much table talk, and Dave suggested that during some of our pregnant pauses before we made our moves, we were subtly communicating with each other. Shirley and I decided to just ignore their complaints and enjoy the games even when we lost. panhandler pub apache junctionOne night Dave took us to the Handlebar Pub and Grill, his new favorite restaurant in Apache Junction. They specialize in all kinds of hamburgers grilled over a fire and served with a mixed green salad or a blue cheese potato tap handle collection They also have eighteen of kinds of beer on tap and the ceiling features this collection of beer tap handles. handlebar pub in apache junctionWe enjoyed our food and the country western music group that was performing. stuffed mushroom caps and melonOn Valentine’s Day Shirley and I made a special supper for the guys. I meant to take pictures of each course but only remembered to photograph the appetizers- stuffed blue cheese mushroom caps and melon wrapped with prosciutto. We also served a goat cheese, strawberry and arugula salad, steak and baked potatoes and a tuxedo cake for dessert.

Paul and Shirley left on Friday afternoon to move to their own condo in Scottsdale.  We will get together again this week after eight more Driedger family members arrive in Arizona for a visit, four at our place and four at Paul and Shirley’s. 

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