Climb, Climb Up Silly Mountain

I’ve climbed Silly Mountain with three different companions since our arrival here in Gold Canyon Arizona. 

on silly moutain gold canyon arizona My husband Dave
IMG_0925My friend Esther
climbing silly mountain And my sister Kaaren

silly mountain signSilly Mountain seems like an odd name for a mountain but when I tried to find out how it got that designation all I could discover was that a road grader named Harry Cadwalader had a home on the road leading up to Silly Mountain and told his supervisor he’d like to name the road Silly Mountain Road and the supervisor agreed. huff and puff trail silly mountain

A little more creative thought went into naming the trails. There are lots of different ones to climb. Some are easy, some moderate and some difficult. Here is Dave at the Huff and Puff Trail sign. 

You can hike the jackrabbit trail sign

Jack Rabbit trail


The Old Baldy or Superstition View trails

old miner's trail silly mountain

The Old Miner’s Trail

the crest trailThe Crest Trail and several others including Palo Verde and Coyote Loop. 

consulting the map on silly mountainWith so many trails you can get lost. Here my friend Esther is consulting a map with two ladies we met from Minnesota on the trail. 

fellow travelers on silly mountainSilly Mountain is a popular hiking trail and guide books say up to 50 hikers at a time can be on the trail. Since Dave had to wait for me to catch up at intervals he had time to strike up conversations with some of his fellow hikers. hikers at the top of silly mountain

Kaaren and I hiked Silly Mountain on Martin Luther King Day, a school holiday so there were lots of families and kids out on the trails enjoying the near record-setting warm weather, including these three adventuresome teens who had left the path and scrambled up to the top of one of the rocky ridges. 

view from silly mountain

The views from Silly Mountain are definitely worth the climb. silly mtn view

Saguaros on silly mountainThere are lots of beautiful cacti along the trails.
inside a dying saguaro My daring friend Esther actually decided to put her hand inside a dying saguaro to see what it was like. She said it felt like wood.dave on silly moutain

I’ve enjoyed climbing Silly Mountain with each of my companions. woman on silly mountain

friend on silly mountain I wonder who’ll I’ll climb the mountain with next?
end of trail
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2 responses to “Climb, Climb Up Silly Mountain

  1. Nettie

    Hi Marylou
    Loved the pics of your hiking adventures – Just to let you know that you escaped -32C (windchill – 40 I think) this am in Winnipeg. But it’s sunny and crunchy underfoot and I was off to my class at the U of W this am . Enjoy the warmth of Golden Canyon! Nettie


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