A Kitchy Museum

superstition mountain museum gold canyon arizonaLooking for a museum that has it all?  Then you’ll want to pay a visit to the Superstition Mountain Museum in Gold Canyon Arizona. 

posing with a cardboard elvis You can get your photo taken with Elvis Presley.elvis chapel superstition mountain museum arizona Yes the museum has an Elvis Chapel you can rent for special occasions. 


The chapel walls are lined with posters of all of Elvis’ movies each framed with its very own set of lace curtains. posing with a pumaYou can pose with a puma.  Here is my friend Esther with one of the fine specimens in the Wild Animals of Arizona display.  You can also go eye to eye with …….

big horn sheep battling a mountain lion

a desert big horn sheep battling a mountain lion or

javelina arizona

a javelina- Arizona holds two annual hunting seasons a year for this member of the peccary family or

ring tailed miner's catthe ring tailed miner’s cat which is really not a cat at all but part of the raccoon family and is good at climbing cacti.

two women in an old west jail

You can visit the Old West mining town and have your photo taken inside the local jail orstage coach superstition mountain museumon the Superstition Mountain Museum stage-coach orIMG_5282in front of the saloon.dynamiting a mine supersitition mountain museum

You can also have your picture snapped while you are trying your hand at blasting open a mine shaft. 

ore crusher superstition mountain museum

You can walk up to the giant ore crusher which was the latest technology back in the 1800s for recovering gold. 

Iabyrinth superstition mountain museum You can walk the desert labyrinth pathways which are edged with piles of sand.labyrinth superstition mountain museum

If you get to the middle of the labyrinth make a coin donation and ring the bell, your wishes will come true.

maps leading to lost dutchman's mine superstition mountain museumYou can see some of the maps that have been made supposedly leading the way to the treasure of Jacob Waltz, a German prospector, often mistakenly referred to as the Dutchman, who is said to have known the location of what is perhaps the most famous lost mine in American history. Waltz is thought to have found a rich gold mine or cache of gold in the Superstition Mountains sometime between 1868 and 1886.books about Jacob Waltz and his treasure Thousands of people a year search the Superstition Mountains for the lost mine and many have died in the attempt, most recently three Utah hikers whose disappeared in 2010 and whose bodies were found a year later. The museum displays some of the books which have been written about Jacob’s lost mine and those who have searched for it. 

watch out for snake signs superstition mountain museumYes the Superstition Mountain Museum has it all!  Only one caution. There are snake alert signs everywhere on the museum grounds. So enjoy this kitchy museum but beware!

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