A Blank Wall

We have this vast expanse of bare brick wall in the livingroom of our condo in Winnipeg. Check it out behind our family singing carols at Christmas.

IMG_0765_2Our son who is a professional musician lived in our condo while we were in Hong Kong and he had the wall covered with a large painting done by an acquaintance.

A photo of the painting eventually became the cover of the first CD his music group released. However when he got married in July and moved into a home of his own he took the painting with him leaving our wall bereft and bare.

The reason nothing is still there six months later is that my husband Dave and I can’t agree on what should be hung in the space. Dave thinks we should just go to a flea market or thrift store somewhere and buy a huge canvas for a few dollars that someone else has abandoned. What the painting is about doesn’t matter to him.  I have made a couple other suggestions, none of which appeal to him.

I’d like to enlarge four photos I have taken each depicting a place we have lived.  

the many faces of hong kongI’d want one to be of Hong Kong where we made our home for six years.

provencher bridgeAnother would be of Winnipeg where we spent the first two years of our marriage and where we returned in 2011.

red rocks of sedonaA third would be an image of Arizona where we lived from 1989-1990 and where we have wintered the last two years.

bridge ad penner park steinbachThe fourth  would be a scene from a park in Steinbach, the city which was our home for the majority of our married life.

A second suggestion I’ve had is to rent a painting from the Winnipeg Art Gallery. They have this program where you can rent a painting for up to six months and if you decide to purchase it your rental fees will be deducted from the price.

My third idea is to buy a painting. I love going to the art galleries in my neighborhood. The Mayberry Gallery is especially lovely and I’ve seen lots of paintings there I’d be happy to have in my home.  

We already have quite bit of artwork in our condo and another idea I have is to just select a whole bunch of photos of the places we’ve visited or a pot potpourri of the art we already have and make a varied collection on the wall. Of course this would require putting in lots of hardware to hang them all and getting hangers into the brick won’t be easy. We’d have to plan carefully.

For the next ten weeks while we are staying here in Arizona I guess the wall will remain bare. Who knows? We may just find a piece of artwork here in the south-west that we can both agree would be the perfect piece for our blank wall. 

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  1. When asked, my talented artist brother refused to do a painting for me. He had just given a large watercolor to a friend, “Just buy several small cans of paint, put two holes in each, then pour the colors onto canvas as you like. Don’t forget to sign it. ” My inspiration and motivation to add artist to my skills!


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