On The Road

We’ve been driving to Phoenix for the last three days. The roads were clear and dry and on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, there was practically no traffic at all. I am so lucky to have a husband who loves to drive and doesn’t expect or want me to take the wheel, so I can just enjoy the trip. 

We saw a lot of animals- wild turkeys, bald eagles,  a deer, hawks, a raccoon, hundreds of cows, pronghorns, bison and some Texas longhorn cattle-WOW those horns were long and curvy.  

We listened to The Hobbit on CD. Dave has read the book before but I haven’t and I wanted to hear Tolkien’s version before seeing the movie version.  We also listened to some of W.O Mitchell short stories. My favourite was an excerpt from his book Vanishing Point. 

I practised my knitting. I think I have mastered casting on, the knit stitch and casting off. Next…… on to the pearl stitch.  I find knitting very relaxing.

In one place in Colorado, the landscape had windmills as far as the eye could see in every direction. 

We stopped at a little gas station in Iowa where the 82-year-old proprietor regaled us with tales about his life. Orphaned at age 6 he had lived in many different places, but had been born in Winnipeg so I guess he felt a certain kinship with us.

We listened to several episodes of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. We are big Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart fans so listening to Rush gives us a completely different view of American politics. 

We saw lots of interesting road signs telling us to watch out for………. bears, Amish buggies, elk, falling rocks and gusty winds.


I had Maeve Binchy’s latest book A Week in Winter on my Kindle. I tried to read slowly and savour it because it is her last book.  Maeve died in July. I am also reading and making notes on Story Craft by Jack Holt. One of the people in my writing group recommended it. 

Around three o’clock each day we stopped at Starbucks and shared a no-fat Chai Tea Latte and Dave went on Hot Wire to find us a nice hotel for the night.

Tonight is our last stop. Tomorrow we will arrive at our rented house in Gold Canyon and wait for the first of a pretty much non-stop stream of visitors to arrive. Lots of good times with friends and family to look forward to. 

Here is what I wrote on our road trip to Phoenix last year………

Travel Observations

Discovering Sacagawea

The Green House

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