Newtown on My Facebook Page

It has been interesting to see what kinds of things friends have posted on Facebook in response to the tragic shootings in Newtown. One person posted this. 

In 1996 there was a shooting at a primary school in Scotland. 16 children ages 5-6 were killed along with their teacher. The following year the UK banned the private ownership of all cartridge ammunition handguns, regardless of caliber. There have been no school shootings since. 

A friend posted……. Wondering how to pray when there is unimaginable suffering in this world?

Another wrote.  People with guns kill people. Any questions? 

One friend’s Facebook page had a discussion going with participants from four different countries, some of whom felt the tragedy was the result of the American people turning away from God, others who said stricter control of guns was the answer, some who advocated teachers in America bear arms and still others who were adamant that better care for people with mental health problems was vital. 

One Facebook friend said, “I was so grateful to be able to tuck my children into bed this evening and kiss them goodnight.”

One friend posted only one word.       ENOUGH!

Clearly this tragedy has impacted many people. Hopefully lessons will be learned. 

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One response to “Newtown on My Facebook Page

  1. Kelly

    I have also been really interested in what people are saying… And I just put a few thoughts of my own up on my blog. Thanks, as always for your blog, I am still a devoted reader!


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