The Weekend- Go Go Go

This morning I was visiting my Mom at St. Boniface Hospital and told her all about my weekend. Here’s what happened.

Friday morning I gave an art gallery tour to grade twelve students called Media Messages. The kids kept a running record of the different kinds of art media we saw. The installations in the Winnipeg Now exhibit made their lists very long. We learned different artists convey the same message using very different media and artists can use the same media to convey very different messages. I also told them the story of the Tobit Tapestries which I enjoy more each time I share it. 

Friday afternoon I worked on a slide show I’m putting together for my Aunt Vi’s 90th birthday party this coming Friday. I’m really looking forward to seeing my cousins who will be in attendance. I haven’t seen some of them in ages. Aunt Vi recently wrote her autobiography so I used photos she had collected for that life story to create the power point for her party. It was an interesting project because it gave me new insights into my mother’s life as well. She is my Aunt Vi’s younger sister. 

Friday night we went to Steinbach for supper at the home of our friends Don and Marlene and then went to a concert at the ninety- year- old  Calder House, an interesting feng shui style bed and breakfast just outside of Steinbach. The performer we saw was Joe Grass a folk musician from Quebec.  The concert was sponsored by Home Routes a not-for-profit arts organization that is trying to expand the performance infrastructure for folk music in Canada. A number of friends as well as former student of mine were in attendance so it was nice to visit before and after the concert and during the intermission. 

Saturday morning we met our friend Les for breakfast at the Free Press Cafe and together with him visited an art and craft show called Crafters Anonymous at the Exchange Community Church. Another friend Di was showing her leather work and we bought some pieces from her as Christmas gifts. I also couldn’t resist some earrings made by a woman who creates all her jewelry out of materials that don’t decompose and are difficult to recycle. My new earrings were assembled from computer parts and buttons. 

Saturday afternoon it was time for house work. You know from previous posts I’ve done that I don’t like it; but my fridge and kitchen cupboards were in a sorry state and I was scared we might soon have a ‘creature’ infestation if I didn’t attack things with elbow grease and detergent. 

Saturday night we had supper with my brother and his partner at Prairie Ink at McNally’s. I had a couscous salad I had never tried before. Highly recommend it! Then we were off to see The Life of Pi. My brother, having read my blog post A Crick In My Neck, made sure we got there early to get good seats. I loved the book  The Life of Pi and so I was somewhat apprehensive about seeing the movie because I thought it would disappoint as film versions of books so often do. But the Ang Lee version is true to the book and although the ending is perhaps spelled out a little too clearly, the whole thing was a cinematic wonder, a luscious feast for the eye and quite an experience with 3D glasses. 

Sunday morning we attended Hope Mennonite Church. Dave and I have been church tourists for over a year as you will know from previous blog posts but we hadn’t tried Hope Mennonite yet. They share their space with Young United Church and this Sunday they happened to be having a joint service. What a treat! The sanctuary was full, Lottie Enns Braun, Young United’s organist extraordinaire was at the pipe organ and directed the choir. The final hymn Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah with a soaring choir descant and full harmony was a thrill to sing and the postlude, a Bach fugue Lottie played was worth the trip to church all on its own. The sermon using the plot from The Wizard of Oz and the Biblical story of the Loaves and Fishes from John 6: 1-15 as reference, was a reminder that things are always more easily accomplished when people with different gifts and strengths work together. 

After the service Paul and Elisa, university friends of our children, invited us over for lunch to their home. Paul had made a hearty and delicious chowder and there was crusty bread. It was interesting to catch up on their lives but especially fun to play with their son and daughter little Joanna and Caleb. Joanna was full of smiles when you sang to her and Caleb has a great throwing arm and wanted to play catch. He also loves listening to stories. 

When we got home I made a salad and then we were off to our friends’ home for the Canadian Football League championship Grey Cup Party. We have gone to our friends Fran and Marge’s house for Grey Cup parties for over 30 years, although we’ve missed the last six or so because we were in Hong Kong. The game I have to admit was of little interest to me, although I do know Toronto won, but the visiting and food was definitely a highlight. 

Now that our busy weekend is over, I’m ready for the more regular routine of my week. 

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