I Believe

What do you believe? I used to give my high school students an assignment to write about their core beliefs. I provided them with a poem pattern which I got from the movie Bull Durham where the main character played by Kevin Costner explains the credo for his life.  The work my students produced was as thought provoking and inspiring as it was unique. Here are just four of the many great poems I received each year I gave this assignment. I haven’t used the students’ names to protect their privacy. 

I Believe

 I believe in the love of life

The music that shakes my bones

The laughter that throws all cares away

The art of a story

The “second chance” rule

Love as an emotion, unity and forgiveness.

 But the idea of war acting as a problem solver doesn’t prove whose right. It only proves whose left.

 I believe in what goes around comes around

I believe in fantasy as my reality

I believe in plaid pants

Mismatched socks, groovy tights and acid washed jeans.

And I believe in saying how I feel about something no matter the crowd,

 No matter the crowd


I Believe

I believe in the importance of education

The smell of an old book

The sound of children playing

The evil in all of us

The good in all of us

Struggle, climax, resolution

But the belief that some people aren’t as good as others is just plain stupid

I believe in ethnic and religious diversity

I believe in equality

I believe in tolerance

Religious rights, racial rights, gay rights

And I believe in humanity.

We are sometimes blind, arrogant and cruel but we will come through for the greater good of all before the end.

I Believe    

 I believe in the importance of teamwork

The ability to play together

The mental discipline to win

The patience to practice

The effectiveness of hard work

My baseball bat, my glove, my helmet

 But the idea that it takes a whole team to win is sometimes a frustrating thing to accept

 I believe in beating the opposition

I believe in my coach

I believe in my fellow players

Confident but not cocky, keeping my head up, winning gold

 And I believe in myself. I need to set a good example both on and off the field.

I Believe 

I believe in the strength of fear

The way time passes slowly

The idea that people want to be loved

The courage it takes not to wait

That poetry is not just for lovers

Selflessness, spirit and privacy

 But I don’t believe in the possibility of not caring about others, especially once you know them

 I believe we were not meant to be alone

I believe that it’s okay for boys to cry sometimes

I believe that everyone has a dirty little secret

Sharing with friends, helping enemies, and loving God.

 And I believe that even when we think tomorrow may never come there is always hope for the future.


 What would your I believe poem look like?  

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