Why Is It Called Remembrance Day?

Adult: Tomorrow is Remembrance Day.

Child: Why is it called Remembrance Day?  What should we remember?

Adult : We should remember that many people have died in wars, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, World War I and World War II, the Boer War, the Crusades, the battle that Joshua fought at Jericho.  We should remember that whenever there is a war soldiers die, grandparents die, parents die, and most sadly of all children die. 

Child:  You mean children like me? 

Adult: I mean children like you. 

Child: I’m glad those wars are over and children aren’t dying anymore.

Adult:  But they are.  Right now in places like the Congo, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq there is war and violence and children are dying. 

Child: That’s very sad, but I guess there is nothing I can do about that.

Adult: Oh but there is. 

Child : There is?

Adult:  Yes, on Remembrance Day the most important thing for each person to think about is what they can do to bring peace to the world. 

Child:  I’m just a kid. There’s nothing I can do to bring peace to the world. 

Adult: You’re wrong about that.  Have you ever thrown a little stone into a pond, or a puddle or a lake?

Child: Sure. Lots of times.

Adult: And what happens?

Child:  The stone makes a splash and then these little ripples spread out around it and keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. 

Adult: That’s just how peace works. Our world would be a much safer and happier place if everyone would try their very hardest to get along peacefully with the people they work with and play with and live with. 

Child: You don’t mean people like my sister? She’s not always so easy to get along with. 

Adult: That’s exactly what I mean! Peace in the world starts by trying to bring peace to families and schools and playgrounds and neighborhoods.

Child : You mean trying not to fight with other kids at school or home is going to make a difference?

Adult: You bet it is! Countries are made up of families and communities. Peaceful homes and communities make for peaceful countries and peaceful countries make up a peaceful world. 

Child: So what you are saying is that I can be that little stone that starts all kinds of peace ripples out into the world? 

Adult: Absolutely!

Child:  Hey that’s pretty awesome! I can be a peacemaker. 

Adult:  Not just you. Everyone can be a peacemaker; children, teachers, parents, neighbors, communities, cultures and countries. 

Child:  I guess it’s not that easy a thing is it, for everyone to live in peace with each other?

Adult: It’s a very hard thing. People have been working at it since time began. 

Child: Is it possible?

Adult: We have to believe that it is. 

Child: So it is up to me to try to get along peacefully with my friends, my parents, my brothers and sisters, my teachers and the people in my neighborhood. 

Adult: That’s right!

Child: I’ll sure try. 

Adult: That’s all anyone can do. 

Child: So that’s what Remembrance Day is all about. It is remembering that war is a terrible thing that causes sadness and pain. It is remembering that I can do my part to bring peace to the world. 

Adult: You’ve got it exactly right! Now you know what to remember on Remembrance Day. 

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