How Do You Feel About Getting Married?

Warren Clements used to issue challenges in his Toronto Globe and Mail column asking readers to respond to a variety of prompts with creativity and humor.  One of his challenges caught my eye. Readers were asked to write lines linking people from different professions with their feelings on the night before their wedding. The examples Clements gave were………. The receptionist had reservations.    The explorer was getting cold feet. 

For some reason Clements’ challenge inspired me and I came up with this list…………

The navigator realized her life was taking a new direction.

The  manicurist was biting her nails.

The farmer’s brow was furrowed.

The dentist’s teeth chattered.

The seismologist was shaking in her boots.

The plumber had a sinking feeling. 

The astronomer had stars in her eyes. 

The photographer hoped the wedding would be over in a flash. 

The optometrist couldn’t see straight. 

The weatherman’s head was in the clouds. 

The mechanic’s motor was revved. 

The pastor prayed she’d get through it. 

The electrician was in a state of shock

The auctioneer figured he was going, going, gone. 

The ship’s captain was trying to keep his emotions on an even keel. 

The drummer could hear his heart beat. 

The ballroom dancer felt light on her feet. 

The nurse’s pulse was racing. 

The exterminator had ants in his pants. 

The carpenters’ head was hammering. 

The pilot had high expectations. 

Can you think of any others?

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