This Week a Year Ago

What was I doing during this week a year ago ? Keeping a daily blog means I can check back and see what I was up to last year at this same time. 

During the first week of November in 2011 I was contemplating how different areas of my life are rhizomatically connected after hearing a Sunday morning sermon about rhizomes.  I wrote about it in a post called A Rhizomatic Sunday. 


I visited the Da Vinci exhibit in Winnipeg and reflected on the ways I had explored Da Vinci’s life in books, art work, travel and teaching. I wrote about it in a post called DaVinci Connections. 

I went to a concert featuring the Winnipeg Chamber Orchestra and the Winnipeg Singers performing a medley of 25 works by the composer George Frideric Handel. It was a great evening and I wrote all about it on a post called A Handel Meat Pie. 

In a post called Tears For Hong Kong I reflected on how much I was missing the city we had called home for six years. I had received a bunch of messages from Hong Kong friends that week and was nostalgic for the life we’d left just four months before. 

I did a post about Grace Mennonite Church in Steinbach which had been a spiritual home to my family for over four decades. The church was marking its 50th anniversary and we were there to take part in the celebrations. 

Finally in a post called Not Job Hunting I reflected on the fact that while I wasn’t actively looking for a job during my first year of retirement I was still finding plenty of things to do. 


Looking back it is interesting to note the differences and similarities between what my life was like a year ago and what it is like now. I wonder what I will be writing about the first week of November in 2013.

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