What Are People Saying?

It has been quite some time since I’ve done one of these posts, actually not since May. I like to write about the responses to my blog periodically since many comments about what I’ve written appear in my e-mail inbox or on Facebook. What have people been saying about the posts on this blog in the last months?

My most gratifying response was from someone who read my piece about living in the Exchange District. They said I made the area sound very appealing. They plan to move to Winnipeg soon and told me because of what I had written they will consider locating in the Exchange District. Hooray!

Neal who had been a busboy at The Paddock  in the 1970’s liked my post about waitressing at the restaurant which used to be located across from Polo Park on Portage Avenue. He was only in junior high at the time and as he put it ‘had a hoot’ working with the kitchen staff there.

A former teaching colleague said he was kicking himself after reading my post about the Thin Air Writers Festival. He couldn’t believe Richard Ford had been in Winnipeg and he had missed seeing him.

After a Hong Kong colleague read my post about my grandparents’ honeymoon she commented she wished her grandmother had kept a journal of her honeymoon.

A former student thought my post called Are You a Grownup contained very wise words indeed!

After reading my post A Listening Love my cousin Kirsten said my Mom has a special place in her heart because of her ability to listen. 

My friend Rebekah said she had enjoyed re-living our afternoon in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden through my blog post.

A reader named Wendy liked my post about Aunt Olly and her radio show Children’s Party. She remembers hurrying home from school and sitting right next to the radio to listen to the story of Tall Fireman Paul.  She’s been looking for an audio recording of that story on the internet and wonders if anyone has access to it. She’d like to share it with her son.

Tour Guide Aristotle Koskinas chided me for wanting too detailed an explanation of Picasso’s Guernica. He says Picasso was quite clear about wanting everyone to interpret the painting through their own eyes. He encourages me to use my imagination and make up my own story about what I see in the painting. He says my opinion of the painting is as valid as that of any critic. 

My aunt commenting on my post about Mourning Maeve said her favorite Binchey book was Scarlet Feather. She especially enjoyed Maeve’s books which are set in Ireland after she visited Ireland herself.

My friend Bill commented on my post about Reading Aloud to Teens. He says he too can remember the books his teachers read aloud to him.

Darlene Enns who lives in Texas and is a great-grandchild of Henrich and Gertrude Enns really loved the post I wrote about their life.

Carly Swenson who has a blog about art appreciated my post about the Big Mother Sculpture at the Winnipeg Art Gallery enough to re- post it.  She said the artwork was the perfect combination of having what it takes to draw in the viewer, while at the same time making them slightly uneasy.

I got lots of responses to my post about Gender Equality at the Wailing Wall. Someone thanked me for being a voice for justice and another for my forward-looking thinking. One reader said this was another example of how religion is biased against women. A friend reminded me while I was right to point out the gender imbalance at the Western Wall but even more disturbing to her is the racism which prevents our Palestinian sisters and brothers in cities such as Bethlehem from visiting the holy sites in Jerusalem (just 15 minutes away).

A former student of mine after reading the post about Guns in Israel said during the summer she spent in Israel she saw young men on the beach by the Dead Sea in swimming trunks, holding guns. Certainly different from a beach scene in North America. 

I was humbled that my friend Les who is a professional artist gave his approval of my autumn photo album of the Exchange District. 

Someone reading my story called It’s A Small World said it restored her faith in human nature. 

In a blog about Leonardo da Vinci I posted a painting by a former grade 5 student Moe who had created a Moe Lisa. She is 19 years old now and saw the post. She remembered doing the assignment and said it brought back lots of good memories. She was so pleased I had kept her work. She is currently studying in the United States. 

Lori said her heart was warmed by my post about the Cultural Revolution and the family stories my Chinese students told. She was impressed with how their stories mimic her own family’s stories. 

Lori also commented on my Controversial Wedding Photo post. She thinks it is important to keep  celebrating marriages that last and had recently attended such a celebration herself at which both single and divorced people had been present enjoying the  anniversary.

Author Dora Dueck said she had seen the Rublev painting I referred to in God As A Stranger on a recent trip to Russia. 

A former student agreed with my conclusion that Pride and Prejudice is the best Jane Austen novel, something I mentioned in my Jane Austen Overload post.  He pointed me to a very interesting You Tube series called the Elizabeth Bennet Diaries. 

Those are just a few of the responses I’ve received. Thanks to all of you who read my blog and especially to those of you who have taken the time to comment. 


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  1. Chided???
    And all this time I’ve been thinking that I just recommended another way of seeing things….

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