Baseball in his 60th year


This weekend we were in Bemidji Minnesota because Dave was playing in a senior slow pitch baseball tournament for players in their 60th year and beyond. He plays with the Eastman team. 

Dave alternated between playing third base……….

and pitching.

The team did well, winning four games and losing two. Dave had some very nice hits, although when he would hit a triple and had to run at top speed to third base you could tell his arthritic hip was talking to him. 


A number of the other players for Eastman were guys Dave had been on a variety of teams with thirty years ago when he was at the height of his ball career, playing senior mens fastball. The tournament gave me a great opportunity to visit with their wives, catching up with women I already knew and being introduced to some I hadn’t met before. Eric and Joyce, one of the players and his wife, had us all over to their campsite for a barbecue supper on Saturday night. The food was good as was the company. 

When we were crossing the border the customs officer was very interested in the fact that Dave was going to the USA to play ball. He asked him lots of questions about his team, the positions Dave played, and what Dave’s strengths were as a player. Dave told the officer he thought the team probably valued his bat the most. 

This sign summed up the feeling of many of the players. You have to be passionate about softball to still be playing the game when you are in your 60’s. 


On our way home today we stopped in Roseau Minnesota to play 18 holes of golf with friends Brian and Merle.  Brian is also on the Eastman team. Although Merle and I walked the 18 hole course with our clubs, Dave and Brian opted to take a cart. They were tired after all those games of ball ! 

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2 responses to “Baseball in his 60th year

  1. Kent Morgan

    I was looking at the categories and of course I went to sports where I saw a couple about Dave’s softball career. When he was with the Steinbach A&W Stealers and they won the senior A elimination tournament, I was either the tournament chairman or the Softball Manitoba president. Another post was about spring training in Florida and seeing a game in Dunedin. My next Memories of Sport column in the Canstar weeklies is about going to spring training for about 25 years and the Manitoba people with whom I saw games including one with former Winnipeg journalist Bill Burdeyny. He played senior slo-pitch with a Winnipeg South team before he moved to Florida so Dave would have batted against him.


  2. Dear Kent,
    I mentioned your name to my husband Dave and he remembers you well. I would appreciate receiving a link to your column about spring training. We have often attended games as well both in Florida and Arizona.


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