It’s Not A Good Idea

The City of Winnipeg is making lots of changes to it’s parking regulations in the downtown area where we live. 

Some of these changes may be necessary but there is one change that isn’t a good idea. The Residential Parking permits are being discontinued.  These permits which can be purchased for an annual fee allow residents of the Exchange District to register a personal vehicle with the city. They are then given a pass which allows them to park that vehicle anywhere in the Exchange without paying parking meter fees or moving their cars after time limits for parking have expired. 

We have used this pass when our children come to visit us from Saskatoon. It is very inconvenient for them to park their car and keep running outside every two hours to plug a parking meter during a four or five day visit. It is also very expensive. So we park our car on the street and let them have our parking spot. Residents of the Exchange pay taxes just like everyone else in Winnipeg and most other Winnipeg residents can have guests park on the streets in front of their home. Why can’t we have the same privilege? We also used the pass on a cold evening when my elderly parents came for a visit. My mother is in a wheelchair so having them park in our indoor condo garage was much more comfortable and convenient than parking outside. We parked on the street using our residential pass and let my parents have our spot. 

The city wants to encourage people to move into the Exchange District. Cancelling the residential parking passes will definitely deter and not encourage more people to move downtown. Right now we pay $25 annually for our residential parking pass. I would be willing to pay more if it meant the program would continue. 



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2 responses to “It’s Not A Good Idea

  1. katy

    When I went to go renew mine and they told me they were discontinued I was shocked. There was no warning or anywhere I could go to voice my opinion. And now that parking is going up to $2 a hour it’s getting hard to afford to live in the area. I thought the city was doing all these face lifts and and encouraging people to come down here. But as someone wanting to spend some money (or live here) why wouldn’t I just go to Osborne? Where I have grocery stores and laundry. Very confusing way of trying to bring back the Exchange. Good thing I’m stubborn 😉

    • Dear Katy,
      According to the latest Residents of the Exchange District newsletter a public meeting will be held on November 21 where they will present an alternative to the residential parking permits. It is from 5:30-7:00 but the location hasn’t been announced yet. Hopefully a positive alternative will be presented.

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