Early Morning Walk in Saskatoon

It has been cold and rainy in Saskatoon the last few days, but this morning I woke up at 5:30 and the sun was shining so I decided to go for a walk. Saskatoon is a beautiful city and I tried to capture some of that beauty with my camera lens. 

Affectionately known as ‘The Bez’ or  ‘Saskatoon’s Castle’ the Bessborough Hotel opened in 1935. Named after the Earl of Bessborough, Canada’s 14th Governor General, it is one of the grand railway hotels built to serve Canada’s rail passengers in style as the Canadian Pacific and National Railways expanded across the nation. 


The trees provide a leafy canopy over the brick walkway on Spadina Crescent which winds along beside the river. 

Sculptor Bill Epp’s likeness of Saskatchewan military Metis leader Gabriel Dumont who together with Louis Riel led the 1885 resistance against the Canadian government forces at Batoche. 

Canada goose out for an early morning stroll along the river bank. 


This 1949 Bristol double-decker bus which was in service in London till 1965 is open from April to October. According to a Star Phoenix article it was originally a fish and chip vendor but it now sells a variety of refreshments at the corner of Spadina and 21st street. 


1999 sculpture Musicians on Spadina Cresecent.


Pink blossoms on Broadway Avenue. 

Mural of children on Broadway Avenue by artist Denyse Klette. 

This funky teapot was in the window of McQuarries Tea and Coffee Merchants on Broadway Avenue. 


Spring tulip in a yard on 13th Street East.


Buskers a 1999 sculpture by Kevin Quinlan on Broadway Avenue.


Steeple of St. John’s Cathedral on the South Saskatchewan River. 


Spirit of Youth is a sculpture created by Bill Epp for the 1989 Canada Summer Games. It is on Spadina Crescent. 


Back home after my walk. 

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