Missing Pacific Coffee

This morning Dave and I went for coffee at the Free Press News Cafe. It’s a nice little place with good coffee and you get a complimentary copy of the Winnipeg Free Press along with your cup of java……but it isn’t Pacific Coffee.  When we were living in Hong Kong Dave and I went to Pacific Coffee every weekend. Pacific Coffee had hot and cold coffees in every flavor imaginable and good pastry. 

Sunday morning at Pacific Coffee with our children during one of their visits to Hong Kong

There were huge, soft armchairs and couches arranged around tables in a way that facilitated conversation, eating, drinking, relaxing, reading the weekend edition of the South China Morning Post and doing the crossword puzzle.  The lighting was warm and inviting and the music selection modern and easy going. Shelves held multiple copies of the major Hong Kong newspapers and magazines in both Mandarin and English. There were 35 Pacific Coffee houses in Hong Kong and each one was just a little different, so it was interesting to visit a new one to see what it was like, although our favorite haunt was at the Festival Walk shopping mall. There was always a thought for the day posted somewhere in the coffee shop for you to mull over while you were there. 


You had to get to Pacific Coffee early on a weekend morning because it could get busy and the lines at the counter long. People came there to study, have meetings and meet friends. We often called friends and family from Pacific Coffee and then Dave and I would chat and catch each other up on news from back home after the phone calls.


We took all our Hong Kong visitors to Pacific Coffee and my brother Mark liked the place so much he said he was going to open one in Winnipeg. I wish he would! We really need a comfy coffeehouse that is open on weekend mornings in Winnipeg’s Exchange District. It’s a great place to live but a Pacific Coffee would make it even better. 


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3 responses to “Missing Pacific Coffee

  1. Ruth

    Try Parlor Coffee at 468 Main Street right across from the Passport Office – I like their mandate – they invite you into their shop not to bury your nose in your electronic equipment or your study books, but rather for you to connect with old and new friends – kind of helps to encourage the neighborliness which you also value highly.


  2. John LeMond

    MaryLou, I came to this post from the Postal Cafe review. Your favorite Pacific Coffee shop at Festival Walk has moved. They left the spacious location in which Dave is sitting (a bank went in, of course), and they are now in a much more cramped area over where Pizza Express used to be. Things are still constantly changing here.


    • So sorry to hear this. Dave keeps talking about coming back to Hong Kong for a visit but I’m a little wary because I think so many things will have changed it just won’t be the same and I have such good memories. And Pizza Express is gone too? We liked eating there.


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