Celebrity Look Alike

Does my husband Dave look like Robert Duvall? According to the Facebook application Celebrity Look Alike Generator that’s his closest match. In the past Dave has been mistaken for Richard Anderson and Gerald McRaney, but never for Robert Duvall. Yet according to the popular social media application he is a 96% match for Robert Duvall with Nick Nolte, Martin Sheen and Donald Trump coming in as close runner-ups. 

In recent years strangers have often mistaken Dave for actor Gerald McRaney who starred in television series like Simon and Simon, Major Dad and Jericho. I think physically it is a pretty close match but not in too many other ways. Dave is five years younger than Gerald and while Gerald is of Scottish descent Dave comes from German Mennonite background. Gerald’s been married three times, Dave only once. Dave has two children, Gerald three. Dave’s fondness for the Colbert Report and the Daily Show would imply that their political leanings might be slightly different, since McRaney is a card-carrying Republican and a member of the National Rifle Association. Both Dave and Gerald did play football competitively as young adults. 

In his younger years Dave was often mistaken for Richard Dean Anderson. At the time Anderson was the star of the popular television series MacGyver about a secret agent who escapes from life and death situations using science and his Swiss army knife.  I think Dave used to teach science and he may have had a Swiss army knife at one point for camping, but he has more in common with actor Richard Anderson than the character he played. Like Anderson he has four brothers and like Anderson he set out on a cross-country bicycle trip before college. Anderson was going from Minnesota to Alaska– Dave from southern Ontario to the Yukon. I don’t know how far Richard got. Dave made it to Sudbury about 700 kilometers away from his starting point and then shipped his bike home and took the bus to the Yukon. 

Like Richard, Dave has played hockey competitively and both Dave and Richard know how to juggle.  Unlike Dave, Richard has never married and has one daughter, while Dave has two sons. Dave is also three years younger than Richard.  Richard dropped out of college while Dave graduated from college with a degree in theology. 

Dave may look like three famous movie stars but he’s definitely a very unique person with many star qualities all his own.  I’d far rather be married to him than any Hollywood actor. 

What next? I think I need to try putting my picture into the celebrity generator. 

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