Barack Obama is a Good Writer

There is plenty of debate about whether Barack Obama is a good president. Right now his approval rating is at 47.7% and that is the highest it has been in over a year. Whether or not you agree Barack Obama is a good president, if you read his book Dreams From My Father I think you will agree he is a good writer.  I began reading Dreams From My Father with some skepticism.

I thought Obama might just be another one of those authors taking advantage of his notoriety to get on the bestseller list. I was interested to learn that Dreams From My Father was actually first published before Obama was famous. He wrote it after completing Harvard Law School, just before beginning his political career. 

Barack Obama writes in a way that is honest but never trite or self –serving. His book is descriptive, thought-provoking and engaging. Dreams From My Father tells the story of his childhood and young adulthood. One can’t help but be impressed by Obama who was certainly not born with a silver spoon in his mouth like his predecessor George Bush.  Obama had to work hard for everything he achieved.

The fact he got admitted to Harvard and excelled, becoming the President of the Law Review, is certainly noteworthy in itself. His family life might seem highly dysfunctional–his mother was married several times–he was raised largely by his grandparents–he saw his father briefly only once in his life–but Obama is not writing his book to make us feel sorry for him.  Indeed you can’t help but admire the way he looks for the good in both of his parents and gives them credit for the positive influence they had on his life.

Even if you don’t agree with Barack Obama’s politics I think you’ll enjoy his book. 

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