The Queen Who Couldn’t Bake Gingerbread

No longer in print this book is available from used book sellers at prices anywhere from $30 -$162. I’ll tell you the story for free. It is based on an old German folk tale.

King Pilaf’s political advisors say he needs to get married. He has very specific expectations for his future wife. She must be wise and beautiful and………. she must bake perfect gingerbread. However in the best interests of his country he agrees to marry Princess Calliope who although she has many fine qualities can’t bake gingerbread.

Princess Calliope on the other hand has very specific ideas about what she is looking for in a husband. He must be wise and handsome and play the slide trombone. She agrees to marry King Pilaf who is a ‘good catch’ when it comes to husbands even though he can’t play the trombone.

Both the king and his new queen agree to never mention the words ‘trombone’ or ‘gingerbread’ to each other but of course one day they forget and a quarrel ensues. The monarchs retreat to opposite ends of the castle to ponder their disagreement.

After a time the delicious smell of gingerbread wafts through the castle and the mellow notes of the trombone are heard. The stage is set for reconciliation. King Pilaf brings a peace-offering of the gingerbread he has baked, and says the next batch should be even better. Queen Calliope plays a simple tune on the trombone telling the king that with additional practice she thinks she could become quite a virtuoso. 

You can’t change your spouse but you can change yourself.

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