Would I Get A Tattoo?

I noticed when we attended a couple NBA basketball games in Phoenix, Arizona that many of the players had tattoos.

Some of the movie stars at the Oscars on Sunday night were sporting tattoos as well and a movie about a woman with a dragon tattoo was nominated for quite a number of Academy Awards.

Tattoos are everywhere. Waitresses, hairdressers and electricians sport them. I see a nice variety displayed every morning at the gym when I’m working out.

I found out recently Winston Churchill had a tattoo. He had an anchor inked onto his arm. 

It all leads me to think about whether or not I would get a tattoo.  The Mayo Clinic does not recommend tattoos. They outline the possible health related problems that can occur by breaching the skin with permanent ink. They claim some of the risks are blood borne diseases, infections, allergic reactions, scarring and skin disorders. Doesn’t sound like a tattoo would be worth the risk. None of the methods they describe for removing a tattoo – sanding, cutting or intense heat sounded particularly appealing either.
Cost is certainly another factor. A good tattoo artist will probably charge several hundred dollars for his or her services. One website warns people not to argue with a tattoo designer about price. Since they are injecting needles into your skin you want to stay on their good side.

Deciding what I would want for a tattoo would just be too hard.  Apparently names of lovers or spouses are dicey choices since they can change. After being married for nearly 40 years I don’t plan to enter any new romantic relationships so my husband’s name might be an option. After all, during a foray into cattle ranching many years ago my husband in a burst of romance branded the buttocks of all his cows with my initials. I might return the favor by putting his monogram on the same area of my own body.

The names of my children would be other options. In a flea market in Mesa, Arizona I met  a mother whose daughter died and she had the young woman’s name tattooed on her ankle as a lasting reminder of her child. Since my sons are still living however I have plenty of opportunity to let them know I love them in other ways. Getting their names tattooed on my body isn’t really necessary.

I think that probably I would answer in a similar way to President Barak Obama when he was asked in an interview, “If you had a tattoo, what would it be, and where would you put it?” The President of the United States answered quite emphatically…… “I cannot imagine any circumstances under which I would get a tattoo.”


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