Golfing in Phoenix

We have golfed four times with Dave’s brother Paul and my sister-in-law Shirley during our ten-day stay with them. All the courses we played were unique.
I nicknamed the McDowell Mountain Course in Scottsdale the Deer Golf Course because there was a clear deer theme in evidence.


There were brass statues of deer all over the course……..


There was a deer silhouette on the scorecard……..


Another deer was on our golf cart…………..

Deer were engraved on the tee box markers

 We didn’t see any real deer but we did see a real roadrunner, a bird native to the southwestern United States 

The clubhouse had a waterfall and rock pond. The McDowell Mountain course is owned by professional golfer Phil Mikelson who recently acquired it and gave it a $1.2 million make-over to make it more player-friendly. 

We finished our eighteen holes as a beautiful sunset painted the sky.

We also witnessed a beautiful sunset at the Vista Verde Course  in the Rio Verde area. This is a new course and so it doesn’t have a club house yet.

Unlike the other courses we golfed which had many fairways lined with homes, Vista Verde is out in the middle of the desert and we saw only a couple of houses from the course. 

The course is very scenic but you can lose lots of golf balls in the desert.

Besides all the sand in the desert the course includes plenty of sand traps lining the fairways and surrounding the greens.

The natural and isolated setting of this course, made it my favorite.

Located in a former orange orchard the Orange Tree Golf Course had a sort of southern plantation feel to it. It is advertised as a traditional golf course in the heart of Scottsdale.

The fairways were lined with mature trees and older but fairly grand homes.

The tee box markers were orange tree cutouts but they looked a little old and dated. Those would be adjectives I’d use to describe this course as well. The only unique thing about the course was a cart girl named Sammy who was very friendly and wore interesting boots.

The Desert Canyon Golf Course in Fountain Hills was the last course we played.

The course had more palm trees than cactus and was very hilly.

What I will remember most about Desert Canyon is all the rabbits. We counted herds of a dozen or more along the fairway, hopping around on the tee boxes or scurrying across the cart path. 

There was a very attractive ranch style club house. 

Looking at the hundreds of  huge mansions that lined the course and realizing that many of them were probably people’s second homes made it hard to believe that a country whose citizens could display their wealth so ostentatiously could possibly be in an economic recession. 

Although my golf game got progressively worse during the ten days it was great to spend time with Paul and Shirley, to be out on the beautiful scenic courses and to get some exercise. 

What next? Well apparently Phoenix has more than 250 golf courses. There will still be plenty of others left for us to explore on any future visits. 

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