4 responses to “Taliesin West-Frank Lloyd Wright in Arizona

  1. Joyce Space

    I’m curious how you got the pictures of the living room, his bedroom and the bathroom. I was there this week and we were told they did not allow pictures inside.


    • Dear Joyce,
      I got those three pictures from Google images. There are many displayed there that aren’t copyright protected. Obviously people ARE taking pictures in those rooms. I took all the other photos in the blog post. I wonder if perhaps it is not illegal to take pictures but they just don’t want people to do so to encourage them to buy the books in the store that have photos of the inside spaces. I can’t think of any other reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to take photos. It is good publicity for the site to have those photos on the net.


  2. Andy

    I was just at the house tour also and was told the same thing ” no pictures of livingroom, bedroom or bath”.. Stil, I saw lingering folks from the group snapping away. It seems that, to some, when one is told not to do something it is understood to be an invitation to do so anyway. Maybe its just human nature to seek what your told that you can not have. I didn’t take any pictures in the prohibited areas but definitely enjoyed the tour. Andy


  3. gabe

    Fascinating. I like the idea of having a day and a night bed. Having read in Stalin’s Daughter about Svetlana’s experience in that place, I have a more negative view of that estate. They were a curious lot, always short of money, taking advantage of student labour. I must read, “Loving Frank.”


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