Musical Instrument Museum Phoenix

The Musical Instrument Museum  in Phoenix is one of the most unique museums I have ever visited.
 This instrument mobile was the lobby feature. 

The second floor of the museum is devoted to instruments from other countries, like these bagpipes from Iran,

these bells from Mongolia

and this Arabian tambourine.

 I was especially interested in the instruments from Ukraine because my family immigrated from there in the 1920s.
You wear earphones when you go through the museum and as you stop in front of each exhibit you watch a video of musicians from the featured country playing and you can hear their music through your earphones.
In another section of the museum, you can see instruments owned and used by famous musicians. This is the piano John Lennon used to write his song Imagine.
 Here is Elvis Presley’s Army uniform with a set of drums given to him by his wife Priscilla whom he met when he was stationed in Germany.

 I especially enjoyed listening to John Denver describe how he wrote the song  This Old Guitar about the guitar in the display case which had been a gift from his grandmother.

Seeing one of the drums that were played by hundreds of men at the opening of the 2008 Olympics reminded me of watching that ceremony in Hong Kong with an older Chinese Canadian woman who had left China and immigrated to Canada just prior to the Cultural Revolution. “For the first time in my life I am proud of my country”, she said to me with tears in her eyes.

 Here Dave plays a Chinese gong in the section of the museum where visitors can try out all kinds of instruments.
Dave tried an electronic instrument that you played simply by moving your hands up and down near the machines.

You can watch museum technicians as they work at restoring and repairing the instruments which will be on display in the museum.

There are weekly concerts and special lectures about music at the museum. There are also feature exhibits that change regularly and we could see that new sections were being added to the museum – so you can visit repeatedly and see new things. The Musical Instrument Museum or MIM as it is affectionately called advertises itself as the “most extraordinary museum you can listen to.” It was!


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2 responses to “Musical Instrument Museum Phoenix

  1. Nettie

    I enjoyed the pictures of the music museum. I am so glad you made it.
    I thought the museum was awesome when I visited it in Dec. 2010 during my visit to Herb and Mary’s at the Scottsdale condo. Also went to the stables and on the desert hike – Herb and I even climbed Pinnacle peak on a Sunday afternoon with the setting sun creating wonderful colours on the desert below .


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