What Are People Saying?

When I first started this blog I said that I would do a regular post about what people were saying in comments, e-mails and facebook responses. I haven’t done that for a long time and since my readership is up to over a 1000 views a week by now, it is time to share what some of those blog followers are saying. 

G. McDonald who read my description of the statue of Scottish settlers at the end of the street I live on in Winnipeg, took exception to me calling Lord Selkirk a hero or humanitarian. He claims Selkirk duped the Scotts into leaving their homeland by offering them free land and easy living. The reason some survived in Canada was because friendly Cree people helped them out.

One reader who saw me posing in a Grey Nun’s habit in my post about Winnipeg’s founding Catholic order wondered where they could get a similar habit. 

A blog follower appreciated learning about Sacagawea who went along with Lewis and Clark on their explorations. He is a big Lewis and Clark fan. He even named his son Lewis. 

A former colleague reading about our trips to Hawaii and Arizona made a Facebook comment-“Don’t the two of you ever stay at home?” She was happy to read the posts about Sedona however since she was going to be traveling there in a few months herself. Many readers commented on the Sedona posts because they had also visited the city and had been impressed with it. 

One of my cousins reading about the hike my sister and I did in Sedona reminded me that in our extended family we are the only two sisters in our generation. My father had five sisters but in the subsequent generation each family has only one girl, except for our family. It made me realize again how blessed I am to have a sister. 

In response to my entry Cowboys Coffee Hour, a reader wondered how the cowboys would feel if they knew they had been described on the internet. Another reader said that kind of senior gentlemen’s coffee hour takes place in coffee shops all across North America everyday. 

A former student from our Hong Kong school complimented me on the photographs in the post Georgia O Keefe Inspired Me

My most popular post in recent weeks was the one in which I reported on a visit with former students from the International Christian School in Hong Kong who are living in Honolulu.  Many of our colleagues and former students were happy to have an update on their progress. 

A reader commenting on my post A Woman’s Perspective on the Super Bowl Ads found it interesting that while the David Beckham ad was definitely targeting women it was selling a product for men. 

A Hong Kong colleague who is an Arizona native read my post about Canadian snowbirds and said she was worried Canadians were taking over her home state. 

Someone reading my post Remembering Our Faults commented on Facebook that the way we deal with our past has a big impact on our ability to deal successfully with the present. 

There have been many more interesting responses and I will try to do a better job in the future of keeping track of them and doing a What Are People Saying post more often.  Thanks for reading What’s Next!

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