Are We Ready For Trailer Park Retirement?

Yesterday we went to visit our friends Ric and Helen Goerzen. Ric and Helen were our back yard neighbors for many years and we have been fellow members at Grace Mennonite Church in Steinbach for over thirty years. Helen was our son Joel’s Sunday School teacher. Ric and Helen were also long time Hanover School Division teaching colleagues of ours.  They live in the Good Life Trailer Resort for six months of the year and visiting them and touring the resort with them gave us a good idea of what life in an Arizona trailer park is all about. 

Used trailers aren’t expensive to buy and although fairly small inside, Ric and Helen told us they did most of their living outside on the paved, covered area beside their trailer. They even have a heater out there for chilly Arizona nights and we saw groups of people having ‘happy hour’ on their driveways with lots of friends over. A look at the signs on the other trailers with people’s names and where they are from, verified what Ric and Helen told us.  60% of the people in the park are from Canada. Ric and Helen know many people in the park from our home town of Steinbach and in fact fellow Grace Church members Barb and Harv Lane have bought a trailer across the street from Ric and Helen. They have discovered old high school friends in the park, Helen’s twin sister and her husband also own a trailer at Good Life and so they have a real community of friends and family all around. 

Community living is the real attraction of a trailer resort. Here is the pool area where many people meet. There are coffee times, a communal happy hour each day, music jam sessions, church services, dances, choirs and clubs of every sort for everything–bridge, knitting, baseball, golf, writing, reading, bingo, hiking, horseshoes and a sewing room and wood working shop- we saw a long hall way bulletin board literally covered with flyers for the different groups you can do activities together with. Ric and Helen were going to a Rich Little show last night with a group from the resort. Four full-time activity directors make sure there is always something to do. People from the different Canadian provinces meet regularly for potlucks. 

These are only half of the shuffle board spaces available. There are also bocce ball courts, pickle ball courts, a beautiful billiard hall with at least ten tables, a ball room for dancing, a fitness room with lots of work out machines, a library, golf driving cages and batting cages, a hot tub….. well suffice it to say you would always have something to do at one of these trailer resorts. Never a dull moment! There are also many things to do in Phoenix culturally and there are two professional sports teams in the city the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Coyotes and of course, spring training for baseball. Ric says he can access these events easily from the trailer court on city buses.  

We took Ric and Helen out for lunch and they talked about their trailer resort lifestyle which they really enjoy. Ric and Helen are such friendly, outgoing people and as they did in Steinbach have developed a circle of good friends in Arizona who they enjoy life with. It was interesting to learn more about what it would be like to be part of a trailer resort community.

What next? I’m not sure we are ready for spending our winters in one place yet, but it is something to keep in mind for the future. 

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