Back in Phoenix

We arrived back in Phoenix from Hawaii on Friday morning. Rudy and Sue Nikkel, who are such good hosts and friends came to pick us up from the airport. After a flurry of laundry and unpacking and lunch we went to the Mountain Brook Golf Course for nine holes. Friday night is always pizza night at the Nikkels so we ordered pizza from the local watering hole The Fire House Bar and Grill.

After supper Rudy and Sue’s friends Ed and Val Peters came over with Val’s sister Shirley Joy and her husband Mark Fox. Shirley is an old high school friend of mine and we had not seen each other in years, but here we both were in Arizona and Sue in her typically gracious way had arranged this little reunion for us. It was interesting to chat with Mark and Shirley and catch up on one another’s lives.

 Saturday we were back at Mountain Brook, this time for eighteen holes of golf with Dave’s brother Paul and his wife Shirley. We hadn’t seen Paul and Shirley since Dave’s Mom’s funeral in October, so it was great to visit. This week we will be moving in with Paul and Shirley and spending about a week with them. Sue had kindly invited Paul and Shirley for dinner and made a fantastic pork tenderloin with a blueberry sauce which Rudy barbequed perfectly. 

Sunday I visited an Apple Store and had a consult at a Genius Bar because I was worried my lap top hard drive was in jeopardy. The ever patient and helpful Rudy ended up solving my computer problems by cleaning my hard drive for me. I went on a long bike ride and then we watched the Super Bowl. I’m not really an American football fan but Rudy insisted the Super Bowl was a cultural experience not to be missed.  As a New York fan he was super excited about the winning outcome for his team and literally danced around the living room in glee when the game was over. 

Faspa ( a Mennonite word for a Sunday evening light supper) and phone calls with family rounded off the evening in a lovely way. 


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