Seeing Sea Creatures

On our drive from Hilo to Kona we stopped at Punalu Black Sand Beach. We had heard that it is a favorite haunt for Hawaii’s green sea turtles and sure enough we saw turtles resting in the sand and eating along the shoreline. These turtles used to be a severely endangered species but strict protection laws have allowed them to increase their numbers by 600% for a number of years now and they may soon be removed from the endangered species list. 

We saw lots of these crabs on the rocks at Punalu and…….

 I also saw a bunch of these little creatures but I have no idea what they are. Can anyone identify them? They look like little wine-colored armadillos.

Further down the highway on the way to Kona we stopped for lunch at The Coffee Shack, which had received rave reviews in all the guidebooks. The sandwiches were great and the view from the porch spectacular. 

The Coffee Shack’s mascot is this cockatoo named Chopper. He doesn’t exactly qualify as a sea creature as the title of this blog post suggests but if you imagine him on the shoulder of some pirate on the high seas he might. 

No this is not a sea creature but Dave on our snorkeling trip in Kona. We went out on the Fair Winds catamaran to Kealakekau Bay, the place where Captain Cook was killed by Hawaiians and is buried. It is an underwater marine park with absolutely pristine waters. The coral was diverse and huge,and we saw tons of fish of every kind of hue and shape. The snorkeling was so good we didn’t want to get out of the water. After about an hour though Dave decided to use the inner tube. He wanted to see more but was tired of swimming.

A large pod of spinner dolphins (our boat crew said more than a hundred) were in the bay with us while we snorkeled. They kept jumping out of the water doing fantastic dives and twirls. I was so sorry I didn’t have my big camera, just my little one but I did manage to get this blurry shot. The dolphins added lots of fun to our snorkeling trip. 

I have more photos but I need to end this blog post. We don’t have internet access at our hotel so I go early in the morning to a nearby  beach side outdoor coffee shop to write these. The internet service here is very slow and it takes almost five minutes to upload each photo but the up side is I’m right on the ocean and in the early morning it is dark and I see the twinkling lights of cruise ships and the beacon of a lighthouse and hear the pounding surf. The sunrise is beautiful and once the sun is up I can see surfers, dolphins and sail boats.


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4 responses to “Seeing Sea Creatures

  1. vicki

    Have been trying to find out what this gorgeous creature is….haven’t found out yet but will keep trying. Would appreciate your informing me if you do find out its name. Thank you.


  2. Nikki

    That is a helmet or shingle sea urchin.


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