The Pink Jeep


Yesterday we went on a Pink Jeep tour with my sister Kaaren and her husband Ken. You see these rugged pink jeeps all over in Sedona. They take you up into places in the rocks you could never drive your own car to see some of the area’s most stunning scenic vistas. 

 It was a sunny morning but as our driver Jeff took us up high into the red rocks we were glad we had brought along several extra layers of clothing. Here we are on top of Submarine Rock.

 We took the Broken Arrow tour. Someone told me they had taken over a thousand pictures on their trip to Sedona and I could understand why. Every where you turn there is another heart-stopping view of eroded rock formations and from every angle they look different as the sun illuminates them in unique ways.

 We started giving the rock formations we saw names. Dave called this one Hockey Player’s Mouth. It looked like a mouth with only one tooth remaining in it in the middle. 

Dave dubbed this one The Sphinx. He thought the top of the rock to the left looked like the head of the great sphinx in Egypt. 

Here’s The Submarine. 

Dave is  relaxing in a rock formation I called The Chair

Our guide Jeff, an ex-marine, had worked for Pink Jeep for over a decade and he provided lots of information about the millions of years of geological events that had created Sedona’s Red Rocks as well as relating the history of the region from its first nations inhabitants thousands of years ago the Singuans, to the more recent occupations by the Apache and Yavapai. He also talked about the first white people who came to the area as explorers, missionaries, army personnel and farmers. 

 I think we were all just a little overwhelmed by the grandeur of our surroundings.

I have to admit the Pink Jeep tour was scary at times. We went down these steep rocky inclines you think it would be impossible for a vehicle to traverse but somehow we did. We’d go rocketing across rock tables and Jeff would park right close to the edge. I admit my heart was beating pretty fast. There was a reason we were wearing seat belts and I certainly used the overhead handle grips many times. 

Dave is looking waaaaaay up at……..

some climbers trying to reach the top of one of the rock formations.

I didn’t need to climb the red rocks to appreciate them. Our Pink Jeep ride was just enough excitement for me. 


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