Wine Canyon

wine canyon storeOn Friday evening Dave and I, and my sister and her husband went to  Wine Canyon on King’s Road for one of the wine tasting evenings they host every Thursday to Sunday. at the wine canyon storeOur friends Sue and Rudy had heard about the wine tasting evenings and they arranged for our visit with store owners Loren and Marlene Kensrud. It was chilly so there weren’t many guests but Loren lit a heater near our table and it was very cosy. Marlene, who was our friendly hostess helped us choose the wines we would taste. crackers cheese fruitRudy and Sue had ordered a tray of cheese, crackers, olives, chocolates, thinly sliced salami and salted almonds to nibble on and we each tried a different kind of wine from the list of about a dozen. 

IMG_3308After we’d all had a chance to sample our wine we went around the table and each gave a little evaluation of our choice commenting on its flavor, aroma and taste.IMG_3309

Rudy obviously found Dave’s description of his wine highly entertaining.sunset at gold canyon 1

 The best thing about the Wine Canyon evening was the wonderful view of the sunset from the patio. sunset gold canyon 2

We watched the waning sunlight paint Superstition Mountain and the sky behind it with rich color.IMG_3304

We posed for photos with the desert sunset as our backdrop. 

Night time in Gold Canyon Arizona

We stayed until the sun was completely set and then headed to Rudy and Sue’s for pizza and a movie. dave and marylou gold canyon

It was Friday the 13th but Dave and I felt very lucky to enjoy such a beautiful evening with friends and family.


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2 responses to “Wine Canyon

  1. This looks like a great time. How far is this from Scottsdale? My fiance and I may go visit my grandmother who lives in Scottsdale in February so maybe we can make it out this way!

    Courtney Mara


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