A Sound Track for Daily Living

Trying to describe music is like trying to describe wine—you have to taste it to really understand it, and words will never suffice – Benjamin Zander

We are staying here in Arizona with our friends Rudy and Sue. Rudy loves music and has over 25,000 songs in his I-Tunes library. Everyday he chooses music to act as a background to our days. His collection is eclectic. One evening we were  listening to Leonard Cohen and woke up the next morning to Mozart. Rudy has country, folk, rock, gospel, blues and jazz in his music library. Sometimes we listen to just one artist and sometimes Rudy creates a playlist with a variety of performers, Joni Mitchell, the Rankins, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Neal Young………..

It is nice to have music providing a sound track for our daily life. I collaborated with Rudy on a book design project this last summer and fall and during the periods when each of us was working individually at the same desk Rudy chose music to provide a background to our labors. Often Rudy would stop to explain who a certain artist was and tell me a bit about them or explain why he enjoyed the music they were performing. 

Yesterday for our morning ‘meditation’ Rudy had us watch a Ted Talk by Benjamin Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. Zander was talking about the power of music.  He says music changes people’s lives. His Ted Talk about the impact of music had me in tears. 

My husband Dave is an expert at identifying the various artists Rudy plays for us each day.  I am not. It makes me aware of how musically illiterate I am. What next?  Improving my musical literacy, adding to my I-Tunes collection and perhaps creating playlists as a background for my days might be good retirement endeavors. 

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