My Ten Favorite Things About Arizona So Far

#10- The funky jacket I bought when we visited the Mesa Flea Market.

#9- The backyard patio of the home where we are staying because there is always a sunny spot where you can move your chair for reading.#8- The mountains. One of the things I really miss about Hong Kong is being able to look up and see the mountains. I can do that here in Arizona. 

#7- The 23 degree hybrid club Dave is letting me borrow for our golf games. I’ve never had so many consistently straight, long drives in my life. 

#6- The cacti.  I am intrigued by all the kinds of cactus. I am taking photos of as many varieties as possible and want to create a cactus picture  guide for one of my future blog posts.

#5- The beautifully decorated, comfortably furnished and spacious southwest style home our friends are so graciously sharing with us. 

#4- The sunsets. When we were in Fiji I took pictures of the sunsets every night because each one was so unique. I think the Arizona sunsets may just rival the Fijian ones. 

#3- The terrific meals our friend Sue makes. She is a fabulous cook and her presentation of the food is as inviting as its taste. 

#2- This purple bike. My friend Rudy saw it on one of his cycling trips. It had been put out with the garbage in front of a house. He got off his bike to check it out and the owner came out and verified she was throwing it away because it didn’t work. She was happy to let Rudy take it. All it needed was one tire fixed and in no time Rudy had it in riding order. This is the perfect bike for me! It is allowing me to get exercise and go exploring despite the fact that I have an injured knee. 

#1- Enjoying time with my witty, interesting husband and our talented, warm and hospitable friends Rudy and Sue. 

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