Gold Canyon Days

Sue and I bought new hats before our golf round at the Mountain Brook Golf Course yesterday. I’m not sure the hats improved our games and Sue in fact, returned hers after nine holes, but I kept mine. 


This time we planned to golf all eighteen holes so we got to enjoy the scenery on the back nine for the first time. 


We had a fairly long break after the first nine for a drink and a discussion about our varying philosophies of golf, marriage relationships, sports and how the three might be related and perhaps how the way we participate in sports activities with our spouse is a reflection of our relationship with them. 


Our rather lengthy mid-game break meant we only finished sixteen holes before a gorgeous sunset forced us off the course. 


Although most of us didn’t have our best game and at least three of us concluded that nine holes of golf at a time was enough for us, we did each have at least one great hole. This was mine– a par 3 when my tee shot landed me sooooooooo close to the hole. I am holding up two fingers here because I’m hoping to sink my putt for a birdie, unfortunately I didn’t make my first putt –however I still parred the hole. 


Dave was the chef for the evening and made Pad Thai while I added a pear, avocado and pecan salad. After supper we watched the movie Margin Call about the 2007-2008 financial crisis and how one investment bank handled it over a 36 hour period. 


Last night for supper we had burgers at a local roadhouse western style place after going to watch a high school basketball game in Chandler.  Dave had read that the Basha High School boys team was the best in the state and wanted to see them. There were certainly some flamboyant players. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such dramatic slam dunks and players swinging repeatedly from the rim. 

Dave and I went for bike rides both yesterday and today and on every street there are several homes for sale, many of them quite large and luxurious looking and at prices considerably lower than what we sold our home for in Steinbach or paid for our condo in Winnipeg. Dave has already suggested we should think about moving. I’m not ready for that , but it is easy to see why many Canadians have been tempted by the low prices and bought homes in Arizona. 

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  1. Ingrid

    Gold Canyon, great friends, great golf course! Looking forward to a return visit. Enjoy your holiday.


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