A Day in the Desert

We arrived in Gold Canyon Arizona, near Phoenix on Monday evening. We are staying with our friends Rudy and Sue in a home they are renting. Our first night here Sue and I took a walk around the neighborhood before supper and we sat visiting on the  outdoor patio. Tuesday passed in a relaxed enjoyable way.

After breakfast we headed out on a hike up the Old Baldy and Superstition Trails that begin just behind the house.

Dave posed with one of many large saguaro cactus along the path.

The sky was a beautiful clear blue and we had a panoramic view of the Gold Canyon area from the top of the hill.

Dave and Rudy stopped for a chat as they waited for Sue and me to catch up with them on the trail. I’m having some knee issues so the downhill hike was a bit of a challenge for me and Sue was kind enough to remain behind and walk and visit with me. 

After lunch and a nap we headed out to the scenic Mountain Brook Golf Club for nine holes.
Rudy and Sue just took up the game of golf last year and are both already excellent players. Dave did give Rudy and Sue a few tips when they requested them. Perhaps giving golf lessons might be a good retirement job for Dave.

On one tee box it was clear a cactus could serve as a potential natural hazard since there were golf balls lodged in some of the holes in the plant.Our round finished just as the sun was beginning to set. Then it was home for a steak barbecue, visiting and a couple of games of SmartAss

Our first day in Arizona was leisurely and lovely. 

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