Make New Friends But Keep the Old

with the T-4s 2011 on the stairs

Yesterday was warm and lovely thanks to old friends. My friend Esther and I drove from Winnipeg out to Steinbach to have lunch with Debbie and Glenys. We are all former teaching colleagues who became personal friends. Over the years we haven’t always been able to get together much, but now that our children are grown, three of us are retired, and I am home from Hong Kong, it is easier to arrange to meet.

IMG_3180We had lunch at Glenys’s beautiful home. Here is Esther posing in Glenys’ livingroom. It was Esther who instigated our reunion this summer with a trip to Gimli. In the fall I invited everyone to our condo for brunch. Yesterday Glenys was our hostess. She has collected so many unique and lovely Christmas decorations.


Glenys could be an interior designer if she wasn’t a teacher. Her home was so warm and inviting and the Christmas decorating she had done could have been featured in a magazine. She had made a chicken lasagna for lunch and Debbie had brought an orange almond salad. There were all kinds of Christmas pastries and sweets for dessert. We visited for hours. 

IMG_3177Since her retirement from teaching last year Debbie has been working in a scrapbooking store and studio called The Scrapbooking Cottage. She sells supplies and gives customers advice and help. She had brought along materials for each of us to make a memory book for Christmas 2011.


I’m not a crafty person but with Debbie’s expert advice and help I made this festive folder for cards, photos, ticket stubs, programs and other memorabilia from this year’s holiday season. 

I am looking forward to our next meeting when I get home from Arizona. We are trying to think of a name for our little group –Golden Girls seems too ‘old’ and our initials don’t seem to make a sensible word, but we’ll come up with something. 

In the evening my husband Dave and I had a reunion in Winnipeg with three other couples, who all live in Winnipeg now, but used to attend the same church as we did in Steinbach. The three couples are much younger than we are and are in the midst of raising toddlers and school age children. We all brought three tapas items and had a feast with waaaaaaaaaaay too much food.  Somehow the men ended up in the living room and the women in the diningroom after dinner and the conversation covered  a myriad of interesting topics – home schooling, books, picking a church, PHD thesis topics, turning 30, travel, day care and book clubs for children. 

We made so many new friends during our six years in Hong Kong and they enriched our lives immeasurably.  Yesterday it was nice to get together with old friends and realize it isn’t that hard to re-establish connections and have a great time with old friends too. 


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2 responses to “Make New Friends But Keep the Old

  1. Joanne Hickling

    Hello Marylou:

    Please say “Hi” to Debbie for me. We used to be “across the street” neighbours on Reimer. Wow, that’s 13 years ago. Joanne


  2. Barb Lane

    MaryLou…..I so envy your special friendships. I must work on that more. Thanks for sharing.


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