A Christmas Massage

One of the things I really miss about Hong Kong is the massages. They were so inexpensive that we had them regularly. There was a little place in Tai Wai we’d pop into for foot massages and sometimes we’d take the train to Shenzhen in mainland China for an evening of food and massages. I haven’t had a foot massage since we got back to Canada in July.  Often when we had company in Hong Kong we’d take them for a foot massage. Here I’m enjoying a massage with my brother Mark on one of his business trips to Hong Kong. 


Yesterday I was feeling a little out of sorts. I’ve been having trouble with a ‘bum’ knee and it’s been interfering with my exercise routine.  I’ve been at loose ends- having finished a number of writing projects and wondering if it pays to start others before we leave for Arizona at the end of the month. My Mom has been having some difficulties with her dialysis treatments this week and I’ve been thinking a lot about Dave’s Mom and how much we will miss her –this first Christmas she is gone. Dave has been good-naturedly teasing me about a couple of my foibles this week and yesterday it caused me to burst into tears. I guess he figured I needed a ‘pick-me-up.’

Today he said we were going Christmas shopping but just a few blocks from home he pulled into a little strip mall and said I was getting an early present. He’d arranged for foot massages for the two of us at Yi Yi Spa on Provencher Blvd. It is owned by two women from Chongqing, the Chinese city where we started our cruise down the Yangtze River.  

There were lovely massage chairs to sit in and the comforting and familiar sound of the women talking Mandarin to each other as they worked. They literally massaged me into a good mood. The masseuses were lovely– telling me how beautiful I was and what a nice husband I had to arrange this surprise for me. They were right!  I do have a nice husband. 

What next? Well if all my Christmas presents are as great at this first one was, I’m going to have a pretty special holiday. 


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