A Visit from Sam

My nephew Sam paid us an unexpected visit this week. Sam is a student at Lakehead University and a member of its wrestling team.  Part of the team was at the University of Winnipeg’s Duckworth Center this weekend to participate in the 2012 Olympic trials.  Although Sam is not an Olympic contender he came along with three teammates who are and was filming their matches for them. 


We were actually fortunate Sam wasn’t wrestling because that meant he didn’t have to carefully watch his weight for an official weigh-in before a match and he was able to go out for dinner with us.  Here is Sam with our son Bucky at Don Pedros a Mexican restaurant right near our home.  Sam’s parents John and Linda have been so hospitable to Bucky and his whole band when they have travelled through Ontario, so we were happy we got to return just a little of that hospitality. 

Sam is a philosophy student at Lakehead and it is always interesting to talk with him about the new ideas he is being introduced to in his classes. He also told us about his possible plans to teach English in Turkey this summer. He had an exam in his Canadian Politics class when he got back to school next week, before heading home to southern Ontario for the holidays with his family. 

We were happy Bucky’s fiancée Alisa could also join us for dinner. Bucky and Alisa watched the Jets game at our house with Sam later in the evening, since we had to hurry off to a Christmas party.  Sam had already bought himself a Jets toque. You can’t be in Winnipeg long without declaring your hockey loyalties. On Saturday Dave went over to the Duckworth Center to watch a little of the wrestling and touch base with Sam again. Sam has only been to see us in Manitoba once before when he was a little boy and his family came for a visit, so we were glad to welcome him back here again. 

What next? Dave and I are thinking on our next trip to southern Ontario, we should take a northern route going through Canada and maybe pop in and visit Sam. We hope Sam will be back in July for Bucky and Alisa’s wedding.

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