A Year of People in My Life- 2011

I was going to do a year in photos blog post featuring the places we’ve visited in 2011, but soon realized that while those places were beautiful and meaningful it was the people who were showing up again and again in the photos who were the most important in my life. 

Snorkeling with my sister Kaaren in Fiji in January.

Hiking with my friends Tad and Rebekah in Hong Kong in February.

Having fun with my great-niece Isabella in March in Leamington, Ontario.

With the senior girls in my advisory at Sports Day in Hong Kong in April.   Go White Team!

With students Belicia and Carmen on a service and learning trip in Angkor Wat, Cambodia in May.

Picnic with Dave in Gnadenthal, Ukraine in June. Gnadenthal is where both my paternal grandparents were born and spent their childhood.

With Rosana and Hannah in July at a reunion for my advisory group of students who graduated in 2010. Many came back to Hong Kong from their colleges in the United States in summer to see their families.

 Tubing with Dave at our family cottage at Moose Lake, Manitoba in August.

Our family at the Muscedere Winery in Harrow, Ontario at our niece Hannah’s wedding in September.
With my friend Rudy Nikkel at Friesens Printing in Altona, Manitoba delivering the ICS history book for publishing. Rudy designed the book and we finally finished the project in October.

With my long time friends and former colleagues Glenys and Esther who came for lunch at our condo in Winnipeg in November along with my friend Debbie who took the photo.

Visiting with my former student Joy at Wheaton College in Chicago in December.

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