This Christmas Will Be Different than Last Christmas

We spent last Christmas in Germany. We had lots of beautiful snow.  Here is Dave on Christmas Eve in Rothenberg. Today it is actually raining in Winnipeg. There is a little ice but no snow on the ground. Will we even have a white Christmas? Weather experts say there is an 89% chance Winnipeg will have a white  Christmas.  Last December 25th we ate pretzels in Bamberg, hot, soft, salty and just out of the oven. This Christmas we are going to a tapas party and a turkey dinner. Dave and I are thinking of having fondue on Christmas Eve and maybe Vietnamese food on Christmas Day.

 Last Christmas we drank Gluwein at a Christmas market in Frankfurt.  This Christmas it will probably be Pelee Island or some other Canadian wine we’ll enjoy with our Christmas dinner. 

Last Christmas we listened to these street musicians in Prague give a concert. This year we are going to hear our future daughter-in-law Alisa sing Handel’s Messiah with the Winnipeg Singers and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra on December 17th,  and on Christmas Eve we are going to a music evening at Charleswood Mennonite Church organized by Alisa’s family. 

Last year during the holidays we visited the Prague Public Library and I posed with this tall sculpture made of books. This year I will visit the Winnipeg Millennium Library near my home to stock up on books to read for the holidays.

 Last Christmas we cruised down the Main River in Germany. This year we drove out to Steinbach, our old hometown to have lunch with friends and buy our Christmas tree at Oakridge Nursery.

Last year we went to a Christmas dinner party in Prague where Dave danced with a woman from Latvia. We have lots of parties on tap for this year too. We are throwing a party this Sunday for friends, another next Thursday for our son Joel and his wife Karen’s friends, tomorrow we are going to a Christmas party for Winnipeg volleyball referees and my extended family will have our Christmas reunion on December 23rd. I don’t think Dave will dance with strange women at any of these parties but who knows?

Last year we flew back to Hong Kong after Christmas. This year we will be driving down to Phoenix Arizona right after the holidays. 

This Christmas will be different than last Christmas– but it will be great! 

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  1. Les Brandt

    Great photo journal from last year! now i look forward to pix from this year,especially from down Arizona way… have a good trip!


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