Lives Lived- Anne Enns Driedger

The Facts and Arguments Page of one of Canada’s national newspapers, the Toronto Globe and Mail has a Lives Lived feature. People can submit the life story of someone who has died recently, not necessarily someone famous or newsworthy, but an ‘ordinary’ Canadian. I have read these Lives Lived columns for years. I always find them fascinating.  Well known Canadian author Margaret Laurence once said no one was ‘ordinary’.  She said we all have lives that are interesting, unique and exceptional in some way. I agree completely with Ms. Laurence and perhaps that’s why I enjoy the daily Lives Lived columns so much. 

A couple of weeks after my mother-in-law Anne died I couldn’t sleep one night and I was reading a Lives Lived column in the Globe and Mail. It dawned on me that I could write one for my mother-in-law.  I’d read so many Lives Lived columns over the years I knew the pattern the submissions needed to follow, and after reading the suggestions and guidelines the paper provided, I wrote one and on impulse sent it in. I knew they probably received many submissions and wasn’t expecting it to be published. I was so surprised on my trip to Chicago to find an e-mail from the Globe and Mail saying they wanted to print the story about Mom.  I was pleased.  I had to agree to let them edit the piece and they did shorten it considerably, but I was content with the outcome. My mother-in-law was a wonderful person and I was glad more people would get to know what a good life she had led. Below is the piece as it appeared in the paper. Just click on it to get a larger, easier to read version, or you can go to the article in the paper itself.

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